Friday, April 27, 2012

Needs And More

Hello again friends.  It has been a long road for the Morrison's and this journey continues to stretch.  Jude is scheduled for his second repair surgery on Monday so first and for most we covet your prayers for the next few days - for the surgeons, their staff, for Jude to stay strong and healthy, for Annabelle to have fun with her cousins ; and also for Rose and Brian to rest well and trust in the God who loves them.

Meanwhile there have been other changes in the Morrison household.  Brian has taken an extended leave in order to spend time with his little boy and support his family.  This leave is unpaid which means that the financial burden is becoming greater.  We wanted to update the list again the ways that you can support The Morrison's physically if you so choose:

Gift cards for gas
Gift cards for household expenses
Grocery store gift cards
Restaraunt gift cards
Breast milk bags for freezing and storage

Thank you friends!

Also remember their new address is:
1442 Heather Drive
Mount Pleasant, SC

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