Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Extra Freezer Space Anyone In The Charleston Area?

The need is beginning to arise for more space to store Jude's future nutrition.  He cannot have breast milk yet, but it will be a huge asset to his healing in the future.  If you live in the Charleston area and have extra space in your freezer please contact Rose and Brian at

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ways to Help out the Morrison's while they stay in Charleston

Many of you have asked how you can help out the Morrison family as they continue to live away from home in the Charleston area.  As you can imagine the day to day expenses of going back and forth to the hospital seem minimal at first but add up over time  Brian will also begin having to travel to and from home twice a week very soon and in a short while he will be missing time at work without pay, not to mention the cost of care for Jude.  If God has place on your heart a desire to help the Morrison family, then second to their desire of prayer for Jude would be financial need.  Gift cards to help cover meals, gas and medical bills would be a great blessing.  Any such gifts should be sent to:
1469 Barbara Street
Mount Pleasant, SC

Or to:
926 F N.E. Main Street
PMB #206
Simpsonville, SC 29681
(This is a UPS store address, not a P.O. Box.)