Monday, November 14, 2011

Prayer - The Greatest Need of All

As the time of Jude's birth draws near, the utmost need of all is for prayer.  Please follow the link below to learn how you can best pray for Jude and his family.  He will come into this world, God willing, by a scheduled C-Section on December 6th.

"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."
Matthew 18:20

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Online Shower - Coming Soon!

Just a quick reminder for those of you that would like to participate in the online shower that the shower will take place on Saturday, November 19th.

Details can be found on the September 6th post.

God's Amazing Provision

We just wanted to take a little time and tell you of God's amazing provisions.  The Morrisons now have a place to stay in Charleston provided for by Cross Bridge Family Ministry.  They also have foster homes for both of their dogs.  In addition they have been continually showered with food and love by so many of you.  Also they have been provided a GPS, a small laptop and now someone is working to gift them with Internet service so that they can communicate while they are separated.  The cards and letters are an ongoing example of how God is caring for them through the hands of those who love them.

Additionally there is a group of lovely ladies that have agreed to help to transport Annabelle to and from Charleston so that she can see her mommy and daddy from time to time.  We have given them the name of Annabelle's Angels and truly see them as such.

It has also been incredible to see how God is providing spiritually as He holds them close during this difficult time.  So many friends will be close by MUSC - some of them even professionally affiliated.  The greatest blessing has been that of the comfort through the amazing love letters that Christ has sent to encourage them through his word day by day.

Thank you for being Christ to Rose, Brian and Annabelle!