Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Early Needs

1– Saucy a special dog
Rose and Brian have located a temporary home for Winnie while they are on this journey.  Saucy still needs a place to stay.  This can be permanent or temporary.  Saucy is a great watch dog, very loyal and a lot of fun.  He would settle best in a setting with a comfortable yard, not an apartment or small area.  If anyone is interested in a great four legged friend please contact Rose or Brian at

2 – Communication
Due to the fact that Brian will have to commute between home and the hospital quite a bit, our happy couple will be separated a lot.  In addition Annabelle will most likely land in Florence where there is family to love on her.  What this leaves a great need for a means of communication.  If any of you have an old/extra laptop that could be used during this period of time so that Skype and email will be available at both ends of the road please email Rose and Brian at

3 – Mother’s Milk
Like most babies, one of the things that we know that Jude will need almost immediately is his mother’s milk.  Most likely he will not able to suck.  He may receive his nutrition through a feeding tube and his mother’s milk will be the food of choice.  It is full of nutrients and antibodies that a little baby boy will need to best grow and heal.  Milk will have to be pumped, stored and transported – tons of it!  Therefore the one of the first needs that Rose and Brian will have are supplies that will aid in this.  Bottles, bottle storage and cleaning equipment, milk storage containers, a breast pump, nursing modesty covers and so on.  Rose and Brian are registered at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby and

Online Shower– there will be an Online Shower for Rose and Brian for baby Jude sometime in November.
More information to come soon!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Throughout history there have been times when God's people, full of faith, have stepped out not knowing how, but knowing He would indeed provide for their basic needs. When the Israelites left Egypt God provided them with manna, which rained down from heaven. It was said to be sweet like honey. This manna sustained them through years on a path unknown.

The Morrison family has started a journey down just such a path. There dependance on the Lord their God will without a doubt be their sustenance for the journey. Many of you however have asked if there are ways that you can, as parts of the whole body of Christ, add your blessing to this manna and help provide for the journey ahead. In the post to come you will find many such opportunities. We humbly thank you in advance for your loving care for this precious family. It is indeed 'sweet like honey' to the soul.